Dreaming of a dream home

I am actively searching for a place in Stockholm. I have to tell you it is a mission impossible. Most of the places are rented out only for 2 or 3 months. Many are very wierd ("I rent out my flat but I want access to it once a week for 3 hours" or "I only want a chinese woman living here with good cleaning skills" or the creepiest: "my girlfriend is moving abroad for a year and in the meanwhile I would like to rent out our guest room. Only for a social woman who wants to keep me company in the evenings and who likes to drink red vine") and all the good ones cost so much!

What would be amazing would be to live in the old town, an walk home in this kind of view:
To have an open and bright apartment, with something a bit special like this one:
With double doors and white wooden floors like this one:
With a nice kitchen...
And some tile walls!
With 1 or two cute balconies, watching over the roofs:
And a nice inner yard!
And hey, while I am dreaming, why not have a sauna on the roof with a funny pool :)
Not bad huh? :)

Pictures are borrowed from real estate agent pages.


Jalkojesi tähden

Dornbirnissa on hauska 6 kilometrin lenkkeilypolku Achenin ympäri. Achen on joki, jossa vuoriston vesi virtaa kaupungista pois, jotta ei sattuisi tulvia. Pidän lenkkeilypolusta paljon, koska siellä on aina paljon muitakin ihmisiä, joten ei tarvitse iltasin pelätä, kun on nainen ja asuu yksin ja pidän myös kuutta kilometria sopivana matkana töiden jälkeisenä ulkoiluna.

Hauskaa polulla on myös alue, jossa on 20 eri "liikunta-asemaa", eli alueelle on rakennettu paaluja ja köysiä, joissa voi opasteiden mukaisesti treenata vatsalihaksia, ojentajia ja koukistajia, pyllyä ja reisiä ja tietenkin myös venytellä.

Mutta hauskin paikka on jalkahieronta-piste :) Metsään on rakennettu alue, jossa on erikokoisia mukulakiviä ja pyöreitä puupaaluja, jossa voi kävellä paljain jaloin ja antaa jalkojen sopeutua erimuotoisiin alustoihin.

Ps. Muista Dornbirnin ja Itävallan Ihmeellisyyksistä voi lukea Jennin hauskasta blogista.


Dagens Outfit

Byxor: Promod
Tunika: ärvt av mamma
Tröja: Mango

Oktoberfest vol.2

There is not so much to say... we went to the "real" Oktoberfest, to walk around, watch the funny and greatly decorated stands and amusment park attractions, I admired all the beautiful dindls and goodlooking lederhosens, we ate and drunk beer and enjoyed :) 

(It was great weather by the way. Last year the area looked like this, my shoes were wet like this, but we stayed inside dancing on the tables all night, like this.)


Oktoberfest vol.1

On Saturday morning Fra and I drove to München. We celebrated a bit different Oktoberfest, but a very fun one. Here I am waiting for the bus to go to Englischer Garten.

Shoes: Vance, Jeans: Only, Top: Odd Molly, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Bag: Boutique in Milan.

In Englischer Garten you can also eat and drink the same things as in the real partyplace, Wiesn, but at Englischer Garten you do not find drunk teenagers. We met Fra's cousin Sonia, her husband Frank and their lovely allmost-1-year-old daughter Kim by the Chinesischer Turm. There was by the way a band sitting in the tower and they played drinking songs :) 

While we were waiting I took a secret picture of this cute girl in her dindl.

And Kim was so happy of all the show around!

..so happy that I just had to hug her all the time :)

Her mummy was naturally also proud of her!

Then Frank and Fra brought us bier und pretzeln..

But Kim wanted to hug some more :) (or was it so that she didn't care and we wanted to hug her? does it really matter...)

And party Oktoberfest like the rest of us!

After a while we took a walk in the beautiful Englischer Garten and Kim stole the show. People actually stopped to photograph her! She danced and sang and jumped around in her dindl. But then. Then she fell in love!

With this cute stranger, the young boy? No!! His vehicle!!

It was hard to leave the great car behind us as we walked further, luckily there was more music for Kim to dance to!

The garden is lovely, by the way!

But then the late afternoon came and we said bye bye to Frank, Sonia and Kim and went to Wiesn to check out the real Oktoberfest ;)

To be continued...



Att köpa läderstövlar till hösten är en irriterande uppgift, eftersom jag har svårt att hitta boots som sitter bra. Det är liksom lite lika som med bra jeans.

Förra hösten hade jag i användning 4 par olika höststövlar utan klack och i år inte ett enda par i bra skick mer. De var liksom totalt utkörda.

Jag var riktigt deppig och suckade, att vilken jobbig uppgift att hitta nya och bra.

Men så öppnade jag en kväll Zaras hemsida och tittade på skoj på Online shoppen på läderstövlar och fann EXAKT det jag sökte efter:

  • Ingen klack
  • Ljus läderfärg
  • Dragsked hela vägen
  • Priset inte allt för högt

Jag klickade hem dem och riktigt nöjd :)


A while back I blogged about Gwyneth Paltrows own Internet magazine Goop. This time I liked a lot reading about her getting ready and going to the Emmys :) Especially her humour about her 9 chins and the sweaty seat.


How the wounds disappeared.

I have to say....that I end up in all kinds of weird situations all the time. I am just one of those people. This time it was anyway quite adorable.

So, I was walking on some beach rocks, really raspy ones, when my ballerina slipped and I fell with my knees on some rough material. Like a little kid both of my knees were bleeding and the skin was completely ruined.

Nothing serious, just some superficial wounds.

I asked Nonna Nancy if she had at home something disinfectant and her eyes started blinking of exitement.

She was so happy to get to take care of me! :) 

She did not have the normal kind of disinfectant, she did have something so much more weird. An old bottle of something that looked like... I will spare you. It was a certain type of olive oil in a bottle filled with also a certain kind of flower that only grows at a particular place somewhere secret on Sicily. The oil had been in the sun for 5 months and thats why it was red. She put this supersticky liquid on cotton and on my raspy skin.

Not to make a mess and to stay on its place she wanted to place some pack on top. But because I am a girl she wanted me- the poor patience- to have something cute so I got a pack of flower cloth :)

I had that pack on for an hour and when I took it away I had no wounds left.

True story.



Last weekend Fra and I took nonna Nancy up in the mountains to take a look at her hometown, the coast of Sicily and to check out if we could find some fruits or berries.

Nero d'Avola, the famous vine, comes from that region.

In the picture above you can see Avola and in the picture under the coast line of Sicily, all the way until the south end.

The cute and crazy ones even pose in the same way!

Up at the mountain we could look down at some lakes, where Fra went to often as a kid. We couldn't go there now because the walk takes about 2 hours and we were not exactly wearing hiking boots. But a great place to swim and sun bath and the water is really clean! Looks like quite the paradise :)

Then we saw some olives, that I of course tasted and had to spit and make faces. The Italians laughed to me, what a stupid girl who doesn't see the difference on eatable olives and oil olives ?! 

Then we found figues and they were really delicious and them we could pick.

It was hilarious to pick fruits with nonna Nancy, because she jumped with her walking stick up in the air to catch a branch and then pulled it close :) She looked so funny and cute :)