Dreaming of a dream home

I am actively searching for a place in Stockholm. I have to tell you it is a mission impossible. Most of the places are rented out only for 2 or 3 months. Many are very wierd ("I rent out my flat but I want access to it once a week for 3 hours" or "I only want a chinese woman living here with good cleaning skills" or the creepiest: "my girlfriend is moving abroad for a year and in the meanwhile I would like to rent out our guest room. Only for a social woman who wants to keep me company in the evenings and who likes to drink red vine") and all the good ones cost so much!

What would be amazing would be to live in the old town, an walk home in this kind of view:
To have an open and bright apartment, with something a bit special like this one:
With double doors and white wooden floors like this one:
With a nice kitchen...
And some tile walls!
With 1 or two cute balconies, watching over the roofs:
And a nice inner yard!
And hey, while I am dreaming, why not have a sauna on the roof with a funny pool :)
Not bad huh? :)

Pictures are borrowed from real estate agent pages.

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