Hihihihi :) I'm superhappy! Fra and I won a competition to which we designed together a luminaire! The competition was held by the Italian association of light and the price is great !!



We spent the whole yesterday in Liguria with Giovanni, Stella and Max and two of Giovanni's colleagues. They were fishing the whole day in Camogli while Fra and I drove to Portofino and to Santa Margherita Ligure. We bought a lot of foccacia and pesto, which is the things that are excellent in the Liguria region. We hada great time and in the evening when the fishermen started to get tired we all ate by the sea in a very cute restaurant.



Voting morning

Today is the voting day for the Region councillors in Italy. Fra and I went for a walk in his neighborhood to the local elementary school so that he could vote. It was perfect sunny weather for a walk on the countryside. The sky was so clear that we could see both the Apennine and the Alps! Beautiful :)


Le ballerine rosa per Iina
Una giacca di pelle per me
Una cintura estendibile per i miei vestiti e le mie tuniche

A chill saturday in Italy

We went on a motorbike trip yesterday to Arona. Arona is a very beautiful city by the lake Maggiore. The sun was shining so it was warm to walk around. We ate lunch in a cute little Osteria and enjoyed a gelato in the sun.
After the trip we went back to Milan and I did some shopping. I will show you after a while. But I wanted a touristic picture of me and the Duomo and here it is:
In the evening we went out to eat gnocchi fritti. They are like the italian version of the naan bread. At the restaurant they bought us baskets and baskets of gnocchi fritti and we could order from the menu what cheese and what meet to eat with them. It was delicious! Afterwards we went for a drink, even if it was hard to find a place for 11 people...


Greetings from Italy!

I arrived yesterday morning to a rainy Milan. Everyone was telling me how sorry they were for the weather or making jokes if I took it with me. Hell yeah, rain or not, it’s warm and there is no snow!!!
My stay here started with a very Italian lunch with pasta, pesto, new baked bread, red vine, and some meet thing that all was delicious…. And almond dessert and strong coffee.  
 In the evening we were really tired and told everyone who called that we will not meet each other cause we are too tired. Until Giovanni and Sonia were able to get us to have dinner together.  They were also exhausted, so we met for a quick dinner and went to sleep.
 And today? After a rest and a breakfast of chocolate croissants and cappuccino? I am ready for a motorbike trip in the mountains, a walk by some lake, shopping in a small village and more of this amazing food :) Bring it, Italy, I’m ready!


Pidimme äidin kanssa oikein somat pippalot. Juhlissa serkkuni esitteli Tupperware-tuotteita mutta pääasia oli tietenkin höpötellä ja syödä herkkuja. Vanhempieni Maijakoirakin sai pinkin rusetin päähän ja sai liittyä tyttöjen iltaan :)



We are having the ultimate rubber boots weather in Finland at the moment. All big piles of snow are melting in the hot sun and the streets are filled with water and wet snow. I was almost going out today in a very black and white outfit but at the last minutes I changed my white skirt to a brown one, so I wouldn’t be too ”contrasty”.  The black and white rubber boots are already quite the thing :)

Tällä säällä on ihan pakko olla kumisaappaat jaloissa. Ainakin niillä kaduilla ja teillä joilla itse liikun. Sillä mun uudet kumisaappaat on niin dominoivat väriltään etsiskelin niihin sopivaa asua aamulla. Vaikka kokonaan mustavalkoinen asu houkutteli niin vaihdoin viime minuuteilla hameen ruskeaksi, etten olisi liian räiskyvä.
Rubber boots: Bought in a flower hop
Tights: Stockmann
Skirt: Zara
Turtle neck: Vero Moda
Skirt: A boutique in Sarzana, Italy
Scarf: Stockmann

Ps. My presentation of my thesis went very well yesterday. I also had the feeling that my job interview went well. At least I got them to laugh a couple of times, I had smart answers to their questions and they started telling me how I can get an apartment there. Fingers crossed...
Ps. Seminaariesitelmä diplomityöstäni meni vallan mainiosti! Eilinen puhelintyöhaastattelu oli myös oikein mukava juttutuokio ja toivon hartaasti, että saisin paikan :) 


Mamma är guldvärd

Min alldeles superunderbara mamma och jag spenderade ett par timmar på stan idag. Jag skrev ju i min lista att jag var i desperat nöd efter ett par nya skor och ett par jeans bara så att jag vågar visa mig på shopping-gatorna i Milano :) Japp. Jag är en flicka :) Och min underbara mamma kollade på plagg med mig och hjälpte mig välja. Nu äger jag ett par jeans i vårfärg från Vero Moda och ett par beige skor från Vagabond. Mamma sa, att jag inte kan åka motorcykel i högklackat, så jag måste väl lyda. Mammor brukar ju veta bäst.
Jag planerade också redan hur jag skulle kunna använda plaggen. Skorna passar ju med färgen av trench coaten...
Trench coat: H&M, Jeans: Vero Moda, Topp: Odd Molly, Scarf: En mässa i Milano med representanter från alla länder, scarfen från Indien, Skor: Vagabond, Bälte: Bershka, Väska: Furla

I met my lovely mum today and we went shopping for a pair of jeans and new shoes for me.


week 12

Next week will be a happy week completely packed with important program. I hope that the flu I have been suffering from will not get worse, cause I need my body in full fighting condition to get through this week. Let's see...
- I have my seminar presentation of my master's thesis for the light laboratory
- I have a job interview (by telephone) of a job I would really want. The job is in Germany.
- I need to go shopping for one pair of new jeans and a pair of new shoes, just to cope with the week.
- I have to prove my matureness in my studies by writing an essay of a topic that my professor chooses. In this way I will show that I am ready to graduate (as a M.Sc.).
- I have a Tupperware- party for a bunch of gorgeous women
- I will fly to Milan to...
...meet Fra (!) and all my friends who have already booked all my 10 days there
...to enjoy the spring weather
...have another job interview
...drive around by Vespa and do some shopping
...take a trip to Liguria to swim!
...do some trips by motorbike in the mountains and by the big lakes
...eat gelato
...be in l.o.v.e

Challenge no.1, Style no.2

A few days ago I put up a challenge for me (and anyone else who wants to try!). The aim of the challenge is to make my own version of Carrie's hair from Seasons 4 and 5 from the Sex and the City TV show. I started the challenge today by trying to make Style no.2. The hair should be curly, but not too curly, more like soft curly. I curled by hair with the GHD straightening iron and after that I blow dried it with a help of a round brush, to make it more soft and less curly. This lasted for 30 minutes. I guess if I would have put twice the effort on it, it would have looked better. Nevertheless, I got soft curls. Not really like Carrie's but somewhat of the same idea.


Perjantai illallinen italialaisittain

Eilen oli oikein mukava ilta. Ilta alkoi perjantaioluella kahden työkaverini kanssa, jossa muun muassa mietittiin mitä oikeastaan Helsingissä voi tehdä. Toinen siis työkavereistani on tullut Suomeen vasta pari kuukautta sitten ja kaipaili muutamia vinkkejä. Iina saapui sitten töistä koukkaamaan mut mukaansa ja lähdettiin hyvin Italialaiselle illalliselle. Illallinen siis alkoi kello 22 ja ruokana oli pastaa, pizzaa ja bruschettoja :)


Varm choklad på en regnig dag

My afternoon treat: Hot Chocolate.

Dagens Outfit

Skor: Vagabond
Jenas: Vero Moda
Tunika: VILA
Scarf: LineKhome
Klocka: Fossil
Smycken: VÅGA



I am one of those girls who have seen every Sex and the City episode at least 10 times. I am one of those girls who remembers all the outfits from all different episodes, what happens in which season and I know almost all the lines. And why shouldn't I be one of those girls...? It's a great show. My favorite time in the whole show is in the end of Season 4 and in the beginning of Season 5, because it's the only time in the whole show where I actually like Carrie's hair.

So, now when I have this 15 cm shorter hair I will put up a challenge for myself. The challenge is to copy 4 of Carrie's hairstyles! I want to try to make the same kind of curls and see how well I am able to and if that style would fit me, hihi.
Style no.1. Parting on the side. Romantic curls. GHD material.
 Style no.2. is a more every day look from Style no.1. More straight, less curls. More old fashion curlers, less GHD.
Style no.3. Supercurly 80's megafrizz. Will be the hardest one!!
 Style no.4. The vague Vogue look. I will manage this with the GHD straightener.

I don't know when I will have time to make all styles, so I will not set up a deadline. I can make one this weekend, maybe one next week and so on... depending on how it fits my calender. Does anyone else want to participate in my challenge? Do you like Carrie's hair in any season?