How the wounds disappeared.

I have to say....that I end up in all kinds of weird situations all the time. I am just one of those people. This time it was anyway quite adorable.

So, I was walking on some beach rocks, really raspy ones, when my ballerina slipped and I fell with my knees on some rough material. Like a little kid both of my knees were bleeding and the skin was completely ruined.

Nothing serious, just some superficial wounds.

I asked Nonna Nancy if she had at home something disinfectant and her eyes started blinking of exitement.

She was so happy to get to take care of me! :) 

She did not have the normal kind of disinfectant, she did have something so much more weird. An old bottle of something that looked like... I will spare you. It was a certain type of olive oil in a bottle filled with also a certain kind of flower that only grows at a particular place somewhere secret on Sicily. The oil had been in the sun for 5 months and thats why it was red. She put this supersticky liquid on cotton and on my raspy skin.

Not to make a mess and to stay on its place she wanted to place some pack on top. But because I am a girl she wanted me- the poor patience- to have something cute so I got a pack of flower cloth :)

I had that pack on for an hour and when I took it away I had no wounds left.

True story.


Leena said...

Granmas know the tricks! :D

Anonymous said...

Haha so funny! You're lucky to have such a great boyfriend's grandmum :)

Saara said...

Leena: juup :) :)

Anonymous: I am! She is so so great! But now she is thinking that she wants to be at our wedding before she dies and she invited the whole Sicily to Finland for June ?! We had a bit of explaining that no, we are not getting married... eh :)