Oktoberfest vol.1

On Saturday morning Fra and I drove to München. We celebrated a bit different Oktoberfest, but a very fun one. Here I am waiting for the bus to go to Englischer Garten.

Shoes: Vance, Jeans: Only, Top: Odd Molly, Shirt: H&M, Jacket: H&M, Bag: Boutique in Milan.

In Englischer Garten you can also eat and drink the same things as in the real partyplace, Wiesn, but at Englischer Garten you do not find drunk teenagers. We met Fra's cousin Sonia, her husband Frank and their lovely allmost-1-year-old daughter Kim by the Chinesischer Turm. There was by the way a band sitting in the tower and they played drinking songs :) 

While we were waiting I took a secret picture of this cute girl in her dindl.

And Kim was so happy of all the show around!

..so happy that I just had to hug her all the time :)

Her mummy was naturally also proud of her!

Then Frank and Fra brought us bier und pretzeln..

But Kim wanted to hug some more :) (or was it so that she didn't care and we wanted to hug her? does it really matter...)

And party Oktoberfest like the rest of us!

After a while we took a walk in the beautiful Englischer Garten and Kim stole the show. People actually stopped to photograph her! She danced and sang and jumped around in her dindl. But then. Then she fell in love!

With this cute stranger, the young boy? No!! His vehicle!!

It was hard to leave the great car behind us as we walked further, luckily there was more music for Kim to dance to!

The garden is lovely, by the way!

But then the late afternoon came and we said bye bye to Frank, Sonia and Kim and went to Wiesn to check out the real Oktoberfest ;)

To be continued...

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