Zakynthos - vacation part 5

We had really expected Zakynthos to be the coolest of the 4 islands, but we were so wrong. Zakynthos was so filled with package tourists! I had never heard of anyone from my home country go to Zakynthos but I was so wrong. They were all there. As all slavic neighbors and Germans and Englishmen.

The island itself has a great nature, with really steep mountains- the irritating part is that there is no roads taking you there. So the mountainous part is completely desert but beautiful.

Zakynthos also has a great amount of caves, also a few ones that colors your skin blue!

The beach, Shipwreck Bay, that I blogged about before the trip was amazing to watch from high above!

I had imagined it to be extremely cool and even the highlight of our trip! But it was only reachable by boats and boats there were- hundreds and hundreds of tourists. The picture I have here I took in the early morning and already then there were boats bringing eager people to the beach.

When we looked closely we could notice that nobody was swimming due to the high waves and that the sea was actually extremely dirty:

So we didn't go there. Instead we found a beach called Xigia with a natural source of sulphur collagen! So great for the psoriasis skin! Yes, it smelled like rotten eggs but we got used to it quite fast...

The higligt of our stay at Zakynthos was an evening out with our Finish friends Susa & Petu and to see the nests of the Loggerhead sea turtles...

Good thing eaten here: Ionian chicken. A grilled chicken fillet with lemon sauce, oven baked apples and dry dill. Sounds like a terrible combination but I promise you it was divine!

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