Ithaca - vacation part 4

We made also a trip over the day to the island Ithaca- which many knows from the mythological story of Odysseus.

Of the whole experience the most particular thing was the enormous ship driving into the tiny harbor and extremely precisely maneuvering it on centimeters to get people safe on board- but even more precisely counting which bus or truck should go out and how many cars in to keep the height balance of the ship so the next truck would also be able to drive out.... And all of this in just a few minutes! Very impressing.

Nevertheless- Ithaca was much more wild and rough than Kefalonia. Very steep and rough rocks, goats everywhere and I really mean everywhere and a lot of nature and almost no houses. Most of the people live in Vathi- the capital of Ithaca and there we could also see many celebrities' yachts.

The rough nature was really beautiful with fruits and vegetables growing in the wild and we also saw olive trees that are said to be over 1500 years old..!

As you can imagine, religion seemed to be very important on a place like this, and therefore we could also notice that the orthodox churches were different from the ones in Kefalonia or Corfu. On Ithaca they were much more colorful and much more in the centre of attention.

Here still the view over Vathi:

Delicious food eaten here: aubergine filled with minced meat and bechamel.

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