Kefalonia- vacation part 3

Of all Greek islands I've visited Kefalonia is the best one. If I compare it to other known island close to it I would say Corsica is more amazing but Kefalonia wins Sicily for sure.

If you have ever seen the movie Captain Corelli's Mandolin you know how it looks on Kefalonia- as it is filmed exactly there where we were.

We could not really find much tourists or touristic things on Kefalonia. The tourists that were there were Italians or Greeks that came by own sailing boat or yacht to relax before sailing further.

So the village we lived in looked like this:

Very calm, a few really nice family restaurants, a bakery where we ate breakfast every morning, a church and that's about it.

The whole island is very rocky with green fields and turquoise waters. The highest top is at 1628 meters, which is extremely high for an island so small!

So by the steep cliffs there was always a nice beach to find- like Myrtos, which is also pictured in Captain Corelli's Mandolin several times:

And because of the high peek in the middle of the sea there were clouds that tried their best to climb over to the other side- which meant we were every now and then in the middle of a cloud or above it while driving. A bit the same feeling as when fog creeps up on you at sea.

Talking about fog and clouds- to watch Ithaca in the morning sun and humidity was marvelous:

We drove every morning to a beach, went to a new village for lunch and to explore it at the hottest time of the day- staying in shadows, and explored another beach in the afternoon and evening. My favorite beach of all of them was this Emblissi in the north:

Soft pebble stones, allmost no people at all, lovely waters to swim in. Another nice one was Zola:

Good food we tasted here was: Saganaki. A cheese baken in the oven. This delicious Saganaki we tasted had also honey and sesame seeds and moussaka of course.

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