Corfu- vacation part 2

We decided to make a trip on a few Greek islands in the Ionian sea this summer and Corfu was the first of them. We had expected the island to be filled with English package tourists so we had more or less the intention to just get as much sun as possible, try to ignore the tourist-bullshit and travel as fast as possible to the next island. (After a month of searching the only option for our trip was to start in Corfu).

But to our (positive) surprise Corfu was actually really nice! We rented a car and skipped all marked beaches from the tourist map and drove around the island to places that seemed to have a nice nature. In the end we found beaches where we were the only ones, restaurants with only Greek people and amazing views of the Adriatic sea.

The best place was Paleokastritsa, a mountainous bay with beaches only reachable by boat:

In that area we also saw the best sunsets over the Adriatic sea:

Besides tourism, olives are the most important livelihood and that could be seen everywhere on the island. The olive trees were old and well taken care of.

The nature is very green with all the olive trees and cypresses. A weird combination as well.

The sandy beaches were filled with package tourists and most of the pebble beaches were empty, which was perfect for us who prefer pebbles over sand...!

Corfu is located very close to the Albanian coast, you can see it as a big, dry shadow in the horizon on the east coast or up from the Mont Pantokrator mountain.

Corfu has a long history with the English and the Italians and of this the Venetian style architecture remains. Corfu's capital is imaginatively called Corfu and reminds of some southern Italian city with a twist of the Northern architecture.

We tasted 2 very good things on Corfu. Recipe number 1: grilled Halloumi with fresh lemon, parsley and olive oil on top. Recipe number 2: a "sauce" made of grilled aubergine, a lot of garlic and olive oil (all mixed together with a mixer).

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