Mont Blanc, Genève, Lyon, Grenoble, Torino - vacation part 6

Fra's mother Silvana, Fra and I decided to make a mini trip away from Milan as Milan was suppose to have 40 degrees celsius last weekend. We started with driving to Valle D'Aosta...

...and through the Mont Blanc tunnel.

The clouds over Mont Blanc were soooo increadibly fast! The highest top (4810 m) in Europe was of course paked with deep deep snow.

Then we arrived in Genève.

Such a boring place and continued our way to Lyon. When we parked at the hotel it started raining. And oh boy- it rained until we were back home the next day. So Lyon seemed a bit gray...

But the 3 of us squeezed under one big umbrella and walked for several hours around the city, every now and then popping into a shop, a church or a cafeteria to warm up.

In the evening we ate at a cute French restaurant close to this one, with the funny name:

The next day we had planned to go to Cannes, Nice and Monaco but because everything we had with us was completely and totally wet and because it rained also the next day we decided just to go back to Milan with a stop in Grenoble and Torino.

In Grenoble it rained so I didn't even get out of the car... this is what I saw:

In Torino we saw of course La Mole Antonelliana and just walked around on the streets...

And then we returned to Milan with completely wet clothes in our bag but happy to have missed the 24 hours of heat :)

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