Details - vacation part 7

1. Ironically IKEA is really fashionable in Milan. Here we had dinner with Giulia and Marco at Seven Steak House.
2. Notre Dame du Fourvier at Lyon.
3. We also did some geocaching. This time geocaching brought us to see a geological phenomena, where water goes underground in Katavothres, climbs up to Karavomylos and out to the sea again. The water is able to climb up because of different densities in sweet and salt water.
4. I just liked the colors so I snapped this one of Fra.
5. I love the cosmetics brand Korres. Somewhere around Greece I remembered that Korres is Greek! So I bought some products from the pharmacy... travel sizes and half of the price :) And products that I hadn't even heard of!
6. Many of the orthodox churches were really nicely decorated.
7. Coffee in Milan on the way to the Museo di Scienze Naturali to watch some amazing animals.
8. An adorable aperitivo place in Corfu town.
9. These are Fra's vespas that have been standing in a garage for a year now waiting for some action. Now we decided to take them into pieces, sandblast them, re-paint them and clean up and fix everything and take them to Stockholm! The blue 125 Primavera from 1981 is mine (a special edition with 144 000 made) and the GS150 from 1964 is Fra's. The -64 will become white with brown seats but the Primavera will stay blue- so they will be in original colors.

1. Somewhere in the south of Corfu it looked like we were in the desert.
2. One of the greatest places on Kefalonia, a house made of bambu with a hammock inside looking over the turquoise bay!
3. At the beach, under the head scarf and under the motorbike helmet I kept my hair braided so it wouldn't suffer- which means I finally learned to do a french braid for myself!
4. The amazing Palokastritsa, beaches only reachable by boats.
5. Turquoise details everywhere. 
6. I think it made it easier for Fra and me to order food after some years of physics in the university- so we understood the alphabet :)
7. A lot of sailing boats from all around the world in the guest harbours.
8. Here we ate dinner 3 evenings in a row in Kefalonia, because this place was just so magical. Extremely good food, white tables with cute flowers, basically on the sea.
9. These 2 girls were so adorable, jumping after their balloons on the beach. The dark shadow behind is Albania.

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