Sigtuna- vacation part 8

Sweden's first and oldest city Sigtuna lies just about an hour away from the Stockholm city centre so when we found sunny weather here on our return we decided to finally visit the old city.

When we got there we saw the old Town Hall but it was under construction. We peeked a bit inside from the open door and a very old cute woman welcomed us to the 12 o'clock tour! We had no idea there was a tour every hour but she was extremely funny and adorable and told us all about the building and the history of the city! A perfect start on our Sigtuna visit!

We then ate some lunch on the square watching people buy groceries on the market...

After lunch we passed the cafeteria Tant Brun- a house from the 17th century!

And walked down to Mälaren- the big lake of Stockholm.

I was apparently really happy :) I don't know if it was because of a perfect vacation day or because of all the geocaches we found but this crazy picture was in Fra's iPhone...

Then we saw a music stage from the 19th century that looked like a space ship.

Then we walked to the bell tower...

See some old church ruins, this one is St Pers kyrkoruin.

And this one St Olofs kyrkoruin.

And read some runes on the way.

And that's about it. An adorable little place with a lot to see.

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