Giulia and Marco

On saturday I had this gentleman as my company...

We were in the centre of Milan at Palazzo Reale for Giulia's and Marco's wedding. Margherita and Claudia were so pretty in rose colored silk...

And Luca and Mika really really cool :)

Then Giulia and Marco said I do and Jacopo married them. We threw a lot of rise.

And what happens at Piazza Duomo, the place known for pigeons, when you throw rise?

But the happy couple didn't mind. They were too occupied with each other :)

Then we cleaned the rise from Giulia's Liu Jo shoes and walked together to the Chiostro of San Barnaba.

The photographer wanted that Giulia and Marco walked before us so that they could get cool pictures. 

The place were we celebrated was really nice...

We drunk spumante, ate good food, talked and laughed. Jacopo actually laughed so hard that he almost cried.

And then there was cake.

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