To Africa and back

We nowadays live in Södermalm which is a funny part of the city. On some street I get the feeling that I am in the richest area of a smalltown in Belgium, on some streets I feel that I am in the total ghetto and mostly I feel a bit like living in Navigli, Milan.

Yesterday we walked around the whole island. 

I had googled earlier in the week this Swedish designer who makes modern and functional furniture and I really started liking them. I had no idea who the designer was or anything before I met him! We walked straight into his workshop and had a chat :) That's how amazing Södermalm is.

A few meters behind this place there is that one African place where I have been fingering statement necklaces several times. This time I actually bought something- wooden bowls from Kenya with nice black-and-white details. 

In the other part of town we walked into a cheese shop, Gamla Amsterdam and tasted a lot of new favorites :) We also bought something for the evening's dinner party. 

After the 5 hour stroll we came home and I decorated with new, fresh flowers, jasmin scented candles and new, fresh herbs.

And then we started cooking... worth mentioning are these two things... One thing was custards with mushroom and gorgonzola and the other thing was almonds fried in olive oil, salt with orange and rosemary. I stole both ideas from Maria.

Then Simone and Doris arrived. They are such a great couple! Simone is from Milan and Doris from Colombia and they met in Paris so they speak French among each other. After they got married they bought a Jeep in Stockholm and drove it through Europe down to Africa until Bamako in Mali and sold it there and flew back! We watched the pictures from Africa yesterday and that trip has been sooooo cool!

Recently they also did a cruise from Stockholm to Tallinn, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and back to Stockholm.

After dinner we went still to Marie Laveau for a drink.


Annie said...

Great pictures! Love the flowers and design elements!


Sofya Moderno said...

37Love your blog!
Follow me and i will folow u back!
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Sofya Moderno said...
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Anonymous said...

Aivan ihana ja kaunis teidän koti! haluan kylään mahdollisimman pian :) bör!

Saara said...

Annie: thanks :) :)

Sofya: thanks :) i will check out yours :)

Iinis: kiitos kiitos :)