Saturday Morning's bits and pieces.

This text I see every time I go running to the gym. Yes. No. Maybe. Play. Love it :)

There are popping up all kinds of shops in Sweden with some cool ideas how to pimp your IKEA furniture. We do not have anything from IKEA but this page almost wanna make me buy some :)

There are so many nice cafeterias and small shops in the new area where we live that I don't ever want to go away from here again! There is so much to explore!

A scarf I bought yesterday (as well as a dress and a top) from Judit's Second Hand- My favorite shop at the moment! We visited this shop with my mum when I was like 17 and I found it again by accident! It is not some smelly weird hippie place but filled with the most amazing, cutest things ever been designed and it has an interior design that makes you wanna stay there to have a glass of champagne.

I bought Star Wars posters. Yeah, I know. Don't say anything.

Last Sunday Alice joined for an afternoon tea at Rival (this hotel/show place/bar/café owned by that Benny guy from ABBA) and I thought the tea tasted just a bit better when it's name was "Bouqet de Fleurs N 108" and because it was drunk during a discussion about the hat fashion in 1940's :)

This picture looks so cool and so unreal. A Finnair flight captain took it in 11 500 meters height from the Ural mountains.

I appreciate good coffee. On my way to the subway I pass Johan & Nyström concept store and they have really good coffee. Yesterday morning I was really tired and I thought I should have a nice Friday morning moment, so I went in and said "Please wake me up!" and she asked "with espresso or filter?" "Espresso" I answered. She blinked her eye and said "I've got this!" and I got a re-he-heally [Jim Carrey voice] good coffee.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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