2 Broke Girls

At this time of the year I always face the same problem- what to do on rainy Sunday afternoons or sleepless Tuesday evenings when all the good shows go on summer brake.

I've tried to get into Friends, Will & Grace and SATC again but after seeing the seasons for the 100th time and knowing by heart every single line I notice I leave the show on in the background and start reading blogs...

I tried to get into "Veep" and some other so called funny shows but they just didn't do it for me. After some serious research I found something created by Michael Patrick King; 2 Broke Girls.

Hi-la-ri-ous !

Ps. Jennifer Coolidge will always be "Stifler's Mum" to me. Impossible to think of her as someone else.


Laura said...

Hej! Har du sett på Modern Family? Det är jättebra :) Revenge är också bra fast det är inte komedi.

Saara said...

Hej :) Jag tänkte nyss vad famn man skall hitta på när det bara regnar och så kom jag ihåg din kommentar :) tack :)