The Wedding

Last Saturday I attended an Italian wedding for the first time in my life. Actually a catholic wedding also for that matter. It was Fra’s best friend Giovanni who maried his lovely Sonia, a couple that I consider as my close friends. Fra was the bestman, which also made the party even more interesting :)

The ceremony in the church was very different from what I was used to but utterly adorable. And the church was so beutiful, filled with flowers.

Luckily the Italians believe in a happy marriage if it rains on the wedding day (sposi bagnati, sposi fortunati) cause it poured down all day.

What can I say? The bride was beutiful, the party was vivid and the food was delicious. I wish Sonia and Giovanni all the best <3 

The 3 best friends. Angelo (the driver at the wedding), Giovanni (the groom) and Fra (the bestman).

The happy couple. Sonia had a big butterfly on the dress, very adorable, very Sonia.

The dress from behind. I like all the layers of thin fabric.

Me :)

The vanilla cream cake was huge! And yummie :)

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