Dagens Outfit

Boots: Via Rembrant, Milano
Jeans: H&M
Topp: Indiska
Tröja. H&M
Scarf: LineKhome

Ja kyllä isä, toinen jalkani on taaskin koukussa, koska se vaan jää sillä tavalla, kun juoksen kuvaan poseeraamaan :)


Kwil said...

the blue coming in from the back room is so cool.

Saara said...

Thanks :) But you know what? I have nothing blue in that room! No curtains, nothing! I took once pictures here and there and noticed I don't have enough light anywhere for the Today's Outfits (eh, what a light engineer I am!) but because the light always shifts to blue on that spot I started to take the pictures there :)