I was really happy to spend Friday by myself in Milan! My lunch date also got cancelled, which was sad at first, but the day turned out to be amazing to spend by mylself! I started the morning with a Metro ride and there are no words how much I HATE tha Milan metro (subway). The wagons are completely packed, no air-conditioning (only in the newest ones that are now being used in the new lines…) no places to sit. I feel often completely claustrophobic, irritated on all the pushing and when that first drop of sweat falls down my back I could just scream… this time though, I just smiled. It was so amazing to be back, feeling those things and remembering how the life used to be there.

I had a nice breakfast in a very Italian way. Walk into the cafeteria, say ”Un cappuccio e una brioche alla crema, per cortesia”, eat your filled croissant and drink your cappuccino standing by the counter, talking some chit chat with the people around, leaving a few coins, wishing a good day and walking out.

Anyway, to the point. I started my day at La Rinascente, the department store, that is situated in the centre of Milan next to il Duomo. La Rinascente is filled with great fashion labels, that actually doesn’t interest me at all, but the ground floor is the treasure of the place. A room filled with architecture, art and design books, china from different manufactures around the world (also Iittala from Finland), products of different designers, art, stationery, luggage, you name it.

After that I walked in the centre for hours, in probably all the stores you can find and ate a panino for lunch. I bought 3 pairs of pants that made me so happy. I needed them so badly and it is always a hard task to find something that fits perfectly. I also bought a woolen sweater for the colder period and now I can wear all my ruffle, lace, sweet, thin, silk tops under it, to make it look good, not to freeze and not having the need of buying lots of new things. I also found the blue scarf I was looking for for the Saturday’s wedding.

After lunch I took the metro to Buonarroti and walked on my old home street. I was surprised how many new cafeterias and shops there were and how the old ones had changed their looks. That’s what the end of the summer does, only 3 months ago, things were still as they used to. I went to buy some water from the old supermercato and there I was recognized, which was funny.

After all the walking since morning I started to feel tired so I swung one espresso down my throat and I went to my favorite place in the whole Milan. It is a park close to my old place with a water fountain kind of thing in the middle. I had a short, rough period while living there and when this person who caused all the trouble for me hurted me day after day I used to go to this place to cry and talk to my parents. Now it was fun to sit there for an hour, reading my book, following the dogs in the dog park and enjoying the perfect sunny autumn weather.

Then I was up for shop hoping again! This time all small shops around Corso Vercelli followed by un gelato in Gelateria Marghera. And when there were nothing more to see I returned to la Rinascente to get a few cups to my espresso cup collection. I seriously have to soon get a shell for all of them to get them on display in my apartment.

After all the ”touristing” in Milan I was ready to take a long shower, change to comfortable and nice clothes ang go out with Fra to have a romantic dinner and that is exactly what we did when he returned from work.


Pyppe said...

Vitsi vad den där butiken med alla inrednings och design prylar såg cool ut. (I wanna go there!)

Saara said...

Den är :) Men typ som Stockmann, bara attde byter sina varor ofta :)