Hi, I’m back! I took Thursday and Friday off work (as I had some vacation days to use). On Thursday I lived a real princess life, starting the morning with a long bath, a trip to the cosmetolog for a facial and driving slowly to Milan enjoying the mountain view and stopping here and there in the Swiss villages for a hot tea (I am still, for the 4th week a bit sick).

I arrived to milan around 4 p.m and had a nice few hours to spend there by myself. I started with a furniture flea market to see if they would have any wooden chairs but I wasn’t lucky to find any. After that I bought a pair of leather boots and a matching leather handbag from my favorite shop on Via Rembrant. I really needed them! I had only two pairs of shoes for this autumn weather and one of them are unacceptable in the office.

I also visited Zara Home and admired the things for hours. I finally bought cups and plates, that I needed, as I had too few from the same series…

Finally, I went home to Fra, had a nice dinner and then off to Beyond’s practice. I hadn’t heard Beyond play for a long time and the new songs where certainly a treat for the ears. A very relaxing day (and night) to start the mini-vacation.

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