A sad period with great scenery.

I haven't blogged for ages and I was even thinking of putting down my blog... there has just been so much other things on my mind. At work we are going through very big changes which occupies most of my thoughts, worries, dreams and fears... when people feel insecure they behave in ways that is not really okay which has resulted in a lot of unnecessary tears.

But I guess we can soon continue our every day lives and in the end things always tend to sort out :)

Besides work there has been Gustav's baptism party and Gustav was dressed so adorably. There was a big dinner party... and one evening with drinks and a lot of fun other things with friends and movies and shopping and wedding stuff. 

In the next weeks I will be more in Germany and Austria than home but I kind of don't mind as the weather is more sunny there :)

Pictures from the Oscar winning Italian movie La Grande Bellezza. A really sad movie with great scenery.

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