Finland- in my heart.

Yesterday I was in Umeå for work. I landed around 9 in the morning and took this picture at the airport. It was quite dark... and it didn't get any better during the day. I would say that was the most light I could see.

Then there was a storm in the evening so I had the craziest landings in Stockholm I've experienced! No wonder all the flights after that were cancelled.

But all of this made me very happy- put me into the mood of Finland. In Finland I have been used to snow storms and cold temperatures. (Due to the gulf stream Sweden and particularly Stockholm is always warmer than Helsinki.) - so a good mood for the Independence day.  

Last year my colleagues gave me a cake and the year before that I offered Finnish candy at work but today we were so few so I didn't really celebrate. Except talking to my grandfather on the phone.  

Anyhow- now Luca, Fra and I will go out for a celebration :)

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