In the need of routines

In the past years I have lived very "freely". I guess it's somekind of mode that has stayed on ever since I moved away from home and noticed that I can wake up exactly when I want, I can eat dinner at any time I want, not at all or even two times, I can choose to wash my clothes every day or once after 5 weeks.

Weirdly enough- I have noticed this stresses me. I want to do all kinds of things and preferably everything immediately and this ends up in that my sparetime is a mess.

So now here is my master plan:

1. Do not book at SATS all the possible group classes- choose the ones you really want and book. Otherwise they will have a queue at the point when you are free to book them and you will not be able to go. The days when you haven't booked- train in the gym normally.

2. Let Friday be date night. Choose a new Stockholm restaurant fo every Friday. Have time for each other.

3. Read books on Thursday evenings. I have so many books I want to read and I never seem to have time for it. I guess I was just out of routines :)

4. Have Sundays as days when there is no need for other clothes than pyjamas. Watch all the episodes you want, wash all clothes, iron your shirts, fix your home, read blogs, magazines, newspapers. If you feel that you can't be at home anymore and want fresh air- perfect day for museums and the cinema :)

5. Keep Saturdays free for friends, social happenings, shopping.

I think with some routines I will find the time to do all the things I want to without being a mess in my head. So become a scheduled neat freak to be able to realx. Sounds like I would be really blonde :)


iinis said...

Voi mussukka, miten hyvät suunnitelmat sulla on! Jee! Ja sori, kun olin vähän aivojäinen puhelimessa.

Saara said...

Älä nyt anteeksi pyydä kuumeessa ollutta :) oli kiva puhua :) Ja Iinis! Mussukka menee samaan kategoriaan murun kanssa!!! :) :)

iinis said...

Hahah, siitäs sait mussukka :D <3

Laura said...

Låter bra! :) Uppdatera sen och säg hur det gick. Min vecka är nuförtiden sådan att
Måndag = tyska konversation
Tisdag = körövning
Onsdag = äntligen en "ledig" kväll eller stämövning
Torsdag = äntligen en "ledig" kväll eller någonting annat som dyker upp
Fredag = äntligen fredag, jag dööör av utmattning ;)
Lördag = jag har planerat tusen saker, hinner med kanske två.
Söndag = jag ska slappa men har ändå någonting annat som jag måste göra så dagen far i ett huj.

Haha, det känns lite kaotiskt fast det kanske finns någon rutin där också. Jag är jättesugen att läsa en massa böcker nu men mitt problem är att jag ofta har bokat in någonting annat att göra och då har jag bara 15 minuter tid att läsa innan läggdags. Buu.