Bittersweet October

In October 2009 I ate a lot of C-vitamins, worked with lighting measurements in the dark and swimmed almost every day in the swimming pools.

It's already October and I am searching for a hat, scarf and gloves without finding what I want. Every year the same- then I think I will knit them, I finish them in the end of March, I use them for a week and next year I cannot understand why I did them in the color I did.

In October 2009 I still went to swim in the sea and I sat hours in the sauna.

For this year I have a coral colored jacket and it really doesn't fit with the orange hat I made last year....

In October 2010 Bodensee was calm and there were snow on the Alps.

I read Blondinbella has developed really warm looking slippers that looks like ballerinas. I think they are a great idea. Flattered is the name.

In October 2010 mum and I had delicious rose beers in Strasbourg.

Yesterday was the day of the cinnamon bun in Sweden. Yes- you heard me. The Swedes have a day for the cinnamon bun and it is the 4th of October! 

It was a very warm day in October 2011 at  Navigli, Milan.

Today I am home in a flu. I got even tired to across the street on my way to the grocery store for some lunch and now I am furiously fighting in my head whetter to join the evening birthday celebrations or not. It is just too boring to stay at home but if I don't have the strength...then...

We visited Oktoberfest in München in October 2011.

I have been really efficient anyway with updating my iPad and iPhone to the new iOs 7 and I really hate the childish look! The functionalities are better though.

The trees had amazing colors in October 2012 in Haga parken, Stockholm.

One thing that is really cheering me up is to plan a perfect weekend trip to Paris. Mum and I are going in November. 

I walked still around in ballerinas in October 2012. In Italy, though.

Anyway, it's October. Time for candles, woolen sweaters, movie nights, museum visits and at least trying not to say two million times a day "ugh, I hate this weather".

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Ihana lokakuumuistelu! <3!