Travelling Essentials

During my work weeks I travel. The trips are never short enough that I wouldn't need any cosmetics with me and never long enough that I would like to pack big bottles and check in my luggage. In the weekends we also travel a lot between Italy and Finland so in the end some kinds of routines starts to develop. What to pack and how and in the fastest time possible.

For a long time I used a plastic travel kit for cosmetics from Muji filling up whatever shampoo I was using at that time but that didn't turn to be the best choice for this girl- whose most frequently used word is "woops". Balsam instead of shower gel and I think you get the picture :)

So now I have a new system and I really like it! I have stored all small bottles (that I have bought as travel kits, picked up in hotels, gotten as a tester in cosmetic's stores or even testers from magazines) in just one basket. Now every time I travel I can choose which product I want to take with me- making the experience a bit more fun- but at the same time a fast way to pack.

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