The pianist from Luma.

Pontus and Christina invited a bunch of people for an evening picnic in Hammarby Sjöstad and Luma. Hammarby Sjöstad is one of those places we considered before we moved to Södermalm. The area is close to the sea, there is the free boat going every 20 minutes to Södermalm and nice new houses. Luma is an old industrial park in Hammarby that has been redone to apartments. Now they are also going to open a Brooklyn Brewery in Luma.

Someone grilled meat, someone marshmallows. Someone drunk champagne, someone beer.

There was the son of Peter and Karin who played with a snail. Some other people came to barbeque. And we walked over to the first project of Pontus', Betta's and Sara's newly founded architect studio.

The sunset was amazing.

But then we started freezing, so we walked to Pontus' and Christina's home.

And there: Pontus played the piano...

.. some of us talked...

... and some of us were sitting on the floor checking out what kinds of formations we can do with our tongues.

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