Una settimana a Milano

1. Typical balconies of Italy
2. Typical Italian breakfast. All cafeterias have brioches with chocolate, marmalade, cream and nowadays also with almonds.
3. Old cashina
4. The lovely Navigli area. In winter time it's almost as great as in summer time... in winter time there is sun in the days so the numerous cafeterias and bars can be enjoyed and in evening time there are the really beautiful Christmas lights.

I was in Milan for a week. It was great. I left my cameras at home so I don't have much to show and the pics I have are from my phone... Nevertheless, the week was filled with a lot of nice program. We celebrated New Year's Eve at a friend's house together with 17 others. It was a nice evening with an italian style megadinner. I think I'm still full from it :) 

Then we had that nice afternoon with Ilaria, Jack, Ilaria, Pepo, Roberta, Ale, Francesca and Fra drinking hot chocolate and playing Alias - girls against the boys - and we girls won :) 

I finally met Edoardo, Sonia's and Giovanni's son and I built a fort with Milo.

1. Sonia's and Giovanni's apartment is my favorite one... there are 2 gigantic terraces, nice cosy rooms, arches and all surfaces have new materials. And they have a lot of nice colors and patterns.
2. Milo in one of his forts. He is so intelligent. With his superheight and intelligent comments nobody would believe he is only 2 years old.
3. Edoardo.
4. Nonna Nancy and me. 

Fra's amazing nonna from Sicily was at their place for the holiday's as well. She and I talked for hours about recipes, how to make hairdos, politics, knitting, well- you name it.  

Then there was this great evening with Simone, where we sat down on the couch after dinner, started talking and BOOM! it was 2 in the morning.

1. Cashina Cuccagna, a dog and child friendly place that works as a bar, cafeteria and restaurant. We were there for an aperitivo.
2. Noemi, just returned from her trip to the Alps
3. Nadra and Milo
4. Army with a movember gone long...

We had an aperitivo with Nadra, Army, Milo, Noemi and Fra in a place with the cutest dog I've ever met. 

A beer with Claudio at Tortuga, a coffee with Anna and Odd at Nero Fondente talking about Equador and Tromsø and an evening with the relatives...

Some shopping. Some torroncino. Some panettone. A lot of red wine.

... Sonia's birthday and there was suppose to be Giulia's birthday and a dinner at Roby's and Ale's but at that point I was in bed in fever.

1. That's me in some restaurant in my new red lipstick
2. The roof of California Bakery. Fra and I had a cup of tea there before I hit the shops on Corso di Porta Ticinese (where is nowadays also a Stradivarius!) and Via Torino.
3. A funny wall painting on Corso di porta Ticinese.
4. I got these earrings as a Christmas gift from Sonia and Giovanni. They are from this cute little shop called La Zacca and made by a Japanese woman who also gives courses in various arts. I have gotten several things from this shop as presents during the years and now I finally visited it. So my origami jewellery collection is growing.


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