Life as we know it.

I was sarching online for some dresses to all the weddings (5 for sure, maybe 6!) we are attending this year and I found some cute online shops I didn’t know existed :) One is Ruche and one is the Pixie Market.


We went with work to Älvkarleby to have a conference. It was both nerve wrecking and hilarious. We had also the change to do some skeet shooting, try out some archery and spent an evening in a goahti.

I have felt so inspired lately. I have been reading from cover to cover my big idol’s amazing book and now our bookshelf is styled in order, there are new  baskets in the kitchen for sorting trash, I know exactly what I want for our home and we finally agreed on a couch table! I have an incredibly picky taste (I hate as much Ikea as ”tiny design boutiques”, I love custom made solutions)…

One evening was spent at Motwalls, one at Story Hotel, one at Pontus’- all with a good selection on food & drinks.

There are also a lot of trips to plan. During the spring I will at least spend one week in Austria, one weekend in Rome, a lot of bits and pieces in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and hopefully a warm trip more south.

All pictures random picks from pinterest.

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