PechaKucha Night

Hi guys :) Do you know what's PechaKucha? It is a presenting method where instead of speaking a power point presentation for hours, there is a rule of having 20 slides and each slides will be shown for 20 second which means the presentation will be 6 minutes and 40 seconds in total.

In the company I work for we have sometimes used this method and I have to say it is great. People who are into their own thing tend to talk about all kinds of small details and forgetting the big picture.

Anyway, yesterday the magazine Svensk Form organized their 36th PechaKucha evening for designers and architects so Tobias, his 2 friends, Betta, Giuliano, Fra and me went to listen.

Vivi Toulomidi had a presentation about the jewellery she does of natural materials and after moving from Greece to Sweden she has started to make them from wood. Ulrika Mårtensson had a presentation about architectural materials made of fabrics. Hung Ming Chen, one of my favorites,  had a presentation about a design company that he runs together with his wife and about the products they have designed. His main point was that when you buy something, it should be designed to last and also so that when the product changes with time that the changes are nice. Products, that a user will have for life and never throw away. He had the Alvar Aalto Stool as a good example. 

Jennie Rhönnstad talked about the jewellerys she designs of used materials and with humor (you can shop them here), David Tiberg about his thesis work of a new railway and Magdalena Peres told the story of how she went to Japan to be taught by her sensei all about Indigo coloring.

The well-known milliner Malinda Damgaard (who designs hats for Valentino, Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen) was very cool! Ninna Berger talked about black used materials. Which was just boring and strange.  Victor Erlandsson about the people who inspired him, actor David Wiberg actually talked through his whole life in a very funny and very sad way and the last one was David Orlic about the amazing and world known twitter account @sweden. And especially about all the insane publicity and articles this twitter account has created!


Charlotte said...

Hahaa! Jag visste om det! Det är ganska kult eller hur :)

Saara said...

kult? a rikit kult? :) :) :)