Geocaching Update

We have been geocaching lately in Italy, Finland and Sweden. In Italy caching took us to a wonderful little city called Robecco Sul Naviglio. We couldn't find the cache there but instead we could listen to wonderful music from a wedding on the other side of the river and enjoy the very beautiful city. A perfect little place to make a motorbike trip to and eat some icecream :)

We also found a treasure in Lecce, a small box attached with a magnet behind a rain gutter, close to a very beautiful church in baroque style.

In the city of Aosta we found the cache in an old stone wall close to a roman time theatre that archaeologists were still "digging up".

In Abbiategrasso we saw a beuatiful castle:

In Finland caching took us on a 2 hour rowing trip in the rowing boat but the cache was still too far to reach. We found a travel bug in an other one though- which kind of made my day.

In Sweden I have had a cache in mind for a long time- because it is on the way to work. Every morning and every afternoon when I have passed the place I have been eyescanning to figure out what the hint could mean. Until yesterday, when I saw a small box, covered in brown tape in a tree.

So I am still very much into it :)

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