Light Therapy

I studied Cognitive Technology as a minor in my University and within this field particularly on how light effects human beings. We are not now talking about a hippie who dresses in funny colors to affect his/her mood or a 5 euro "wake up light" that you can have next to your bed, but the real effects in our eyes, or rather in the ganglion cells that are in the eyes and what kind of hormones do they get produced based on different wavelengths in the light.

The effect of light intrigues me a lot, but I have worked more after my studies how to produce that kind of light instead of the effects. The effects have more been a hobby.

Today I could combine them both when my colleague and I had a small event at Lindelöfs (a company that helps architects and interior designer to find the right furniture for different kinds of spaces) talking about lighting management but afterwards the whole group could have some light therapy.

The basic idea is to lie down, cover your head with that ball- so that no other light can enter and then you can by yourself change the light color, i.e. the wavelength of the light.

The light has different effects- depending on your body and your needs. The "basic" effect is that your circadian rhythm gets better- so you sleep better at night and are more awake during the day. An other effect really needed in the nordic countries is to prevent seasonal depression. It can be very hard for some people to live without the sun in winter time.

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