Hello again,

I have been a bit busy. Last week I flew to Austria on Wednesday. We had a work related meeting there for two days. I like those meetings because there is the possibility to meet all the other guys who work for the same company, with the same tasks but in different countries.

Those 2 days were hectic, but not so hectic that I wouldn't have had time to wear some clothes and stand in front of a mirror in those clothes and photograph them :)
boots: clark's
jeans: h&m
tights: åhlens
dress: gwyneth paltrow for lindex
tunic: asos
jacket: gwyneth paltrow for lindex
jewellery: gifts from fra
scarf1: 2nd hand
scarf2: gina tricot


Anonymous said...

De är jättesöta!
Vi väntar på dig.
maija och mamma

Saara said...

tacktack :)