Dagens Önskeoutfit

I have stayed home the whole weekend and no-thank-youed (what a clever word) to all social activities. The reason to this has been my flu and the outcome of it: total boredom.

Seriously, what can you do at home, all by yourself with a lousy Internet connection, an empty fridge and no TV?

The answer is daydreaming.

So I was daydreaming of sipping delicious coffees on gorgeous balconies, strolling down the streets of Paris or New York or Rome, visiting design museums, meeting up and chit chatting with friends, reading hilarious books in parks filled with roses and anything similar that goes on in Saara's little pink world where everything is amazing and made of cotton candy.

In these dreams I was naturally wearing something fabulous like this Yves Saint Laurent, Chloè, Michael Kors mix with my iPad in an Alaia cover...   

Or this Valentino, Versus, Proenza Schouler combo in lovely pastels... 

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