Today is my birthday and I celebrated it yesterday in Milan. The thing is, Fra bought a house 3 years ago and it will soon be ready. He is still painting walls and buying a kitchen but the rest seems to be in order. There is no electricity still, but it did not turn out to be a problem. We had a few houndreds of candles in all the rooms (there are 4 of them so it took a while to fill them...!!) and a lot of blankets and cushions on the floor. It was such a cute and great evening with 25 people sitting here and there on the floor in the candlelight :)

I also got some cute gifts and my favorite one is from Sonia and Giovanni; the set to make own hair pins! They bought it in a Japanese shop in Milan and I cannot wait to visit it!


Aha said...

Myöhästyneet Onnentoivotukset syntymäpäivän johdosta :)

Saara said...

kiitos kiitos :)