Clear Sky

Here I am, Yesterday morning, eating breakfast at Milan Malpensa airport. Guess if my muscles were hurting? We had just packed all of my furniture and all other belongings and taken them by van to the moving truck. And cleaned the apartment. And driven to Milan. And once more carried stuff in Milan from the car to the house etc etc... No need to say that I hate moving.

But you should see my biceps ;)

Now we have then been in Stockholm for nearly 24 hours and I am still trying my everything to find a place where to stay. I guess I will be moving soon again and again as nobody rents apartments in Stockholm for more than 1-2 months.

But one amazing thing occurred yesterday :) The sky was clear from Italy to Germany and for the first time I could really check out the Swiss mountains, and guess what? I could follow from air the whole road Fra and I have been driving every weekend from air! It was so cool! And I started to laugh out loud when I noticed also from air that Dornbirn was under a thick cloud :) Always bad weather there.


Charlotte said...

Oj, vilken nostalgitripp :)

Saara said...

Det var det verkligen :)

Charlotte said...

Väntar på mera info från Stockholm ;)