Shorter hair, better mood :)

Yesterday I met one of my favorite men on earth: Engin.
Engin is my hairdresser :)
We cut over 10 cm away from my hair because I was fed up on the dry ends. The student that works for him (approximately 16 years old) made my eyebrows nice. She used thin wire, scissors, light colour and just a bit of tweezers and I really like them :) The turkish way to style eye brows with some thin wire is quite nice :)

Another nice thing for today:
I didn't know!


Anonymous said...

Så fin du är!!!
Kram mamma

Anonymous said...

Sulle sopii tosi hyvin vähän lyhyempi tukka! :-)

Saara said...

Tack mamma :)

Kiitti Jemppa :) Syytän sua siitäkin! Että löysin Eniniksen siis :)