My weekend

My weekend passed by way too fast. I guess time flies when you have fun? On Saturday we drove to Konstanz for some shopping. I finally found a woolen sweater to wear with my skirts (have been searching for one for ages...).

I also cooked delicious meals using a lot of herbs.

Fra and I were also invited to Jenni & Thomas together with Triin & Shigi for some vine drinking on saturday evening. We had a great and chill time and I like these setups with people from many different cultures. Jenni and me from Finland, Triin  from Estonia, Verneri (the dog) from Estonia and Finland, Thomas from Austria, Shigi from Taiwan and Austria and Fra from Italy. 

Oh, did I tell you that we listened to a lot of Finnish pop music? :)

Then today, Fra and I went to breath some fresh air in the mountains. We had a nice hike, but it is starting to get cold already! We needed sweaters and hot tea to be able to enjoy.

And greetings to Thomas, now I have spoken about food and weather again :) :) :)


Anonymous said...

Näyttääpäs meidän pöytä hyvältä tossa yhdessä kuvassa. :-)

Saara said...

...eikä vaan kuvassa...!!