Shopping Day in Milan

Mum and I spent Saturday together in Milan. We first took the subway to Saint'Agostino, walked on the market of Via Papiniano and then we had a moment in California Bakery, a cafe just in the corner of Corso di Porta Ticinese and Piazza 24 Maggio. The best shopping street of Milan is Corso di Porta Ticinese and the second best is Via Torino and that is why it was convenient to get the energy levels up before walking all the way to Duomo.The shops on Corso di Porta Ticinese are more like boutiques, no chains just small shops that sell all kinds of products that you can only find there.

Via Torino has then all the normal chains. But good ones.

When we reached Duomo we went to La Rinascente to check out the lighting that Fra has designed. After that we were hungry and took the metro to Brera and went to eat in a restaurant with only organic food. Delicious.

In Brera (the historical centre of Milan) there are a lot of nice shops and nice cafes and really cute narrow streets. We really enjoyed walking around there and and we also had a coffee in a place I have many times thought of visiting but never had the time before.

From Brera we walked towards my favorite shop (that I have blogged about several time, Cargo & Hightech is the name. I have bought some more Memento glasses and the Giannina espresso maker from there). We walked by another very good shopping street called Via Solferino.

This all took the whole day and when we were ready from Cargo & Hightech Fra picked us up and we drove mum to the airport.

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