Zibibbo for breakfast

Sicily is a very particular place. When you look at it from outside, it looks like a dry, yellow island with some poor cities and a lot of mafia bosses. If you think that Sicily is like this, you have probably never visited it. (At least this is how I thought of Sicily before).

Sicilians are a bunch of people (equally many as Finnish people by the way, 5 millions to be exact) that does not think life is given to you so that you can work every day from morning to evening in a high technology place, eat a salad, go to the gym, whine about timetables and work stress, and use entertainment (like TV and computers) as relaxing.

This does not mean that they are lazy.

But this certainly mean they like to enjoy.

One way to enjoy is tastes. Sicilian food is beyond. They have so delicious fruits and so delicious sea food and so delicious cakes and sweets all made of products that grow on Sicily. I mean, a real tomato sauce, a normal good tomato sauce, is so good that you want to dip your whole face in the plate! The hot sun makes the tomatoes so delicious and Sicilians boil them for a whole day to make the sauce good.

Almonds grow in trees here and there and the Sicilians make all kinds of sweets of almonds, things you couldn’t even imagine that exist and that is delicious.

Fra’s grandmother is also an enjoyer. If she can’t sleep at night, do you know what she does? She wakes up, takes a pint of ice cream and eats it on the balcony! In the night! Why not enjoy the moment instead of just rolling around in bed awake?

Hahaha. I need to tell you what happened on Sunday morning. Nonna Nancy (grandmother in Italian is nonna) was awake in the kitchen when we woke up. She asked “so, what shall I make for breakfast to my grandchildren?” (I love it and I adore her for also calling me her grandchild) I say “I would love some coffee” and coffee we make. “Is there any milk?” I ask. “Milk? M I L K ?” Says Nonna Nancy in schock. ”You would put milk in coffee? Disgusting! Saara, my lovely grandchild, you do not drink coffee with milk, you drink coffee black! Milk, buahahahaha, Milk! She laughes and walks around in her 1 meter high body in the kitchen. She scratches her head, takes out the milk from the fridge and laughs again “I know what we can do for you of milk! Milk pudding! Nooooooo, what do you do with milk pudding, when you can have chocolate pudding! Wippiiieee! Let’s make chocolate pudding!!

And chocolate pudding we made, for breakfast.

You think that’s all? Oh no guys. After eating chocolate pudding with savoiardi cookies and drinking coffee, we need water. Or juice. As at this point we are thirsty. “Water after chocolate pudding? Are you crazy!! You need zibibbo!” (Zibibbo is a very strong Sicilian wine) “Zibibbo! Nonna, it’s morning!” said Fra. “Morning or evening? Whats the difference? After eating sweets, you drink Zibibbo, because the sweet taste is then even better in your mouth! Then, then, you drink water”.

And Zibibbo we drink for breakfast. You know, to get out all of the sweet taste.

A typical Sicilian breakfast. Sweet ricotta filled croissants and granita of almond milk.

Francesco's aunts fish shop.

Nonna Nancy making pasta. It has to boil exactly so long that it is soft but not sticky.

We found bibs in the same drawer as the tablecloth and Nonna Nancy laughed and said, oh, we have to eat with these on, just because it is different and in that way more fun!!

 The best tomato sauce e-v-e-r !

The milk pudding that became chocolate pudding :)

I got to make pudding too, in my pyjamas :)

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