Come Yoda

So, nonna Nancy, Francesco’s grandmother is a very vivid, adorable and amazing person. She has more energy than most. When I told about her on a coffee break at work my colleague said that she sounds like Yoda, and that is actually a great way to describe her! She is maybe 1 meter tall, 90 years old, wiser than anyone I ever met, cute and adorable as a puppy and energetic, funny and simply crazy (in a positive way, obviously).

Nonna Nancy uses Skype, to start with. Skype! A 90-year old! She cooks the most amazing food. She dances! She actually danced salsa in a beach bar with me on Saturday! She writes all of her thoughts in note books and she hopes that as many grandchildren as possible would come to visit her so she could teach them everything she knows.

She sings and she tells jokes. And really funny ones! And she is not pretencious or shy at all, oh no, she told me that the secret to a good marriage is to feed your husband chocolate, because if men eat chocolate they make love with more energy! (She also had a body gesture for making love, hihihihihhi).
Here we dance in the beach bar :)

I also made this small series of pics of her talking:


Anonymous said...

Hi Saara, love your blog and the pictures especially! When are you moving to Stockholm? Let's meet in Milan again as long as you are around! :-) Lea

Saara said...

Thanks :) !!!

Moving in the beginning of November...!

You guys have to come to Fra's b-day party in 2 weeks!!!!

inni said...

Nyyh, en kestä! Niin soma ja elämäniloinen nonna! Meravigliosa!