Choose a happening or period of your life (a trip, a special party, just a month or similar) and pick 5-10 pictures of this period and publish them. Challenge then other bloggers to do the same!

I choose summer 2009, cause that was one hell of a summer!

African woman selling jewelry in Puglia
My hair standing up of the magnetic field on the Etna vulcano

Spice market in Nice

Motorbiketrip in the Alps

Isabella and I getting sand everywhere!

Nonna Nancy and I walking around in Sicily

Dad and I in Lerici on an evening walk

Picking almonds straight from the tree and eating, in Sicily

Fra swimming in Puglia. Oh, I remember still the feeling of salt water in my sensitive Finnish eyes...

I challenge the following ladies:


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Looks like you had loads of fun! ;)


P.S: I'm running a supercool Hallelu Hobo bag giveaway which you might want to check out! ;)

Kwil said...

ahhh this is an amazing idea!!
your photos are all fabulous and your summer of 2009 certainly rocked! i really want to be able to pick an almond off a tree and eat it!

Alma said...

Kiitos haasteesta.:) Laitan korvan taakse. Kivaa perjantaita!

Laura said...

Aww nice :) Jag måste fundera...! :)

Saara said...

Kristy: Yup, I was quite in ecstasy of this experience too :) I loved that summer and I so wish the next will be equally amazing. This one just went by without saying hello.

Alma: kiitos samoin :)

Laura: väntar på resultat av funderandet :)