Autumn Style

I have noticed that in the 6th season of Sex and the City, more accurately the episodes where Carrie is dating Aleksandr,  Carrie has amazing autumn wear! Gloves that comes up to the elboes, diamonds, perls and other bling, silk, lace, wool and fur. Girly girly and lady like all the way!

I tried to surf through webpages to find on oline shopping something of the same style but was unable :( The search will continue and in the meanwhile a picture show of what I’m talking about:

beige, pink, bling and swarovski crystals

Girly cut. Fur. Long gloves.

Girly colors, lace, transparent.

Excuse me, diamond ring on top on those gloves? Take me to a metal concert, I want to be girly!

My favorite outfit of all outfits. Ever.

White fur and blingbling. Mmmm.

Ah, Those colors! Those materials!

those shoes, so small and thin and girly! those jewelry and that dress!

Again the gloves and the blingbling and the girly colors. Love it.

Do I need to say anything? I just wanna go shopping... 


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I know the ones your talking about! Aww, I miss Carrie and Co. :) xo

P.S. Giving away pretty jewelry on my blog today that you might like!

Saara said...

Oh, Shannon, you know the right words to cheer me up! Off to your blog :)

iina said...

hihi, ihana postaus! mä oon just kaudella 4 :)

Laura said...

Nå hej Saara, det går riktigt bra tack :) Jag kolla just på det här inlägget igår, Sex & The City är awesome entertainment när man är sjuk, hoppas det får dig att må bättre!

Saara said...

Iinis: katsotsä taas kaikki läpi? :) mä katoin vitosen ja kutosen äskettäin..

Laura:det är!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the white dress with black spots/decoration! Want one! Is that from the 6th season, too? I don't remember it but let's admit that there're so many wonderful outfits that one can't remeber them all... Love them, though they're pretty far from my personal style.


Saara said...

Leena: Yup, all of them are from the 6th season :)