About me.

Kristy tagged me to answer some questions…

  1. Name a movie you could have memorized almost line by line.

Actually, I have a bad habit of learning almost any movie line by line and I amuse myself by watching them again and saying out loud the lines before the actors and then I get happy when I get every single word correct. Yes, I sound like a total freak :) (and I guess quite many people have my lovely hobby as a point in the last question…) But I have to also say Jerry Maguire, cause Kristy said it and after that I can hear in my head “You complete me”, “You had me at hello” and… “Show me the money! Show me the money!  Do you love this black man!  I love the black man! Show me the money! I love black people. I love black people! Who's your motherfucker, Jerry? You're my motherfucker! Whatcha gonna do, Jerry? Show me the moneyyyyyyyy!”

Something that I am a real expert in is TV-series. Sex and the City, that one is my speciality :)

  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I believe in interest, crush, admiration, fascination at first sight but I feel that love is so much more that you cannot feel it just by looking at someone, it involves so much more than just chemistry.

  1. Name three possessions you couldn't stand to lose if you were robbed.

I can’t think of anything.

  1. If you had to eat only one dish for every meal in a week what would it be?

First I was going to say chocolate cake, then I thought of a special cheese pasta that you can eat in this cute little restaurant in Italy but I thought these two are too heavy, which made me think that I can’t eat so much of them and therefore get tired of them and as they are my favourite meals I don’t want to lose them and I pick something more light :) See, I put a lot of thought in this :) I would eat fresh tuna fillet fried on both sides for 1.5 minutes, with garlic, olive oil and lemon on top, with potatoes that are fried with sesame seeds and a fresh salad with a drop of balsamico and a tasteful white wine.

  1. What was the worst book you couldn't put down?

Men who hates women. It was so good and I so had to read it and I liked it a lot and at the same time I felt that the things that happened in the plot were too disgusting, sick and terrible and they made me angry, scared and noxious. 

  1. Which foreign language (that is not English) do you find the sexiest?

Italian, spoken with a soft, dark, manly voice with hard and well pronounced consonants. Think an Italian man whispering “la passione per l’espresso”, pronouncing every consonant hardly and the vocals smoothly. Uh, my stomach just flipped :)

  1. Who was the last person you wrote a letter to and when?

I wrote a love letter to Fra <3

  1. What is something bad or annoying that you wish people in general would stop doing all together?
  • Using imperative mood while talking. The world would be a much better place if people learned to ask nicely, using please, thank you and the conditional mood.
  • I would love it, if people would wait outside a bus/subway/train door for people to come out before trying to get in.
  • When someone asks a question and doesn’t listen to the answer or have a conversation with someone and notice that the other person is focusing on something else than listening. 
  • Drumming on the table with fingers.
  • Smoking.
  • When bloggers write that they don’t want to continue blogging because sharing with everybody about themselves causes anxiety. Excuse me, what is the purpose of having a blog then? For who does this people blog? Or didn*t they know that the stuff they share is readable? This confuses me a lot.

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