The past days

We have been doing a lot of things. Among others, we spent a very nice evening in Bologna with the Norwegian Sofie and the Italian Simone. First of all: their apartment in the centro storico of Bologna was the coolest apartment that I have ever seen! Oh why didn't I take pictures? The evening was great, us four speaking four or five languages together, eating all the amazing things of Bologna and drinking a lot of red vine! We spent also the night there :) Yesterday we had again an amazing dinner but this time in Milan. Valentina and her mum wanted to meet me and we went out for dinner in a beautiful part of the city talking politics (more like yelling about politics), literature and culture. We also talked about my job interview that I had here in Milan the other day. I had it with four men, of which three were nice and one was a complete asshole. He, among others, asked me in the interview how can I, as a woman, be able to work with technical things. He also thought our competition luminaire was boring. Well, up his, we won :) Anyway, here are some pictures. It was fun to drive to Bologna, cause we could see on the highway that the rainbow ended there!


Kwil said...

what a rude prick to say such a thing to you during an interview! maybe it was a test of wits??
i love all of your pictures from milan and beyond. such beautiful places.

Saara said...

He was a complete asshole and the others said sorry of his behalf...so I don't know. I didn't anyway show anything, I just smiled and said that in Finland things are a bit more advanced, that we are half women, half men in my class :)