I am alive :) I have just been spending quality time and not been able to sit in front of the computer for even 5 minutes :) I have been to Fra's bands band practice, out drinking beer with the whole band, at Fra's grandma eating delicious polenta and colomba, had aperitivi with Sonia and Giovanni (who game me a ring and a book as a pensiero for all my graduation and birthday), had the most amazing dinner with Army and Nadra (greetings to Nadra!), a walk in Navigli, celebration cake and wine in my favorite café and so on. The weather is great and I'm happy! :)


Laura said...

gaahh så härligt väder och allt! you lucky lucky girl!

sv: tack tack :D

Saara said...

Det var alldeles underbart väder trots att alla Italienare gnällde på att det var kallt, haha :) Jag bara log och hoppade jämnfota i mina ballerinor :)