A few weeks ago Fra and I visited Bergamo as I had never been there before, even if it is so close to Milan. The woman who makes my wedding dress lives in Bergamo- so the opportunity to make a bit longer saty seemed to fit...

Bergamo is divided to the Città Alta (the city above) and the Città Bassa (the lower city). This is what you can see from the lower (and more modern) city:

And this is the view from the city above:

and this:

and something like this:

 I could only imagine how amazing the view would be on clear weather at sunset...
... However, the city has history to be studied already from the era before Christ. Therefore it is too much to tell here so I will just post the pictures of the incredibly beautiful city.

Beautiful, huh? :)


Jenni said...

Ihanan näköinen paikka!

Saara said...

Joo, on soma :)

Leena said...

Ikimuistoinen paikka mulle <3 Nuohan tunnetaan myös nimillä Bergamo Hura ja Hota, en vaan muista kumpi oli kumpi :)