Natural Beauty.

That's how blonde my hair used to be. I started to get darker shades in my hair around the age of 17 and that was when I put some blonde stripes in it for the first time. After that it became a bad habit and I colored my hair more and more blonde during the years. Until I noticed they were white.

I adore natural hair colors.
I really like Amanda Seyfried's, Lauren Conrad's and Sienna Miller's natural hair colors with a bit of a twist.

So today I med a colorist. Not a hairdresser- this one does not cut hair- just colors. I told her what I want and I told her that I understand that it will take months to get there from where I am now. But I want to have more of my own color with just a few fade changes here and there and not the white colorless anymore.

She was really happy that I understood that it will take time because often customers wants magic at once.

So today we did the first step: toning everything darker. My hair will now be like this for the next 3 weeks and then we will check how much has faded away and how much we can tone again. We will also next time make a few blonde areas. Not really stripes- as you can see Sienna, Lauren or Amanda does not have stripes either- but a certain kind of color toning...

I have never been this dark before! But I don't mind, I am happy to see (with time) how my own color is and even more happy to get my hair healthy looking again.

Step 1:

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