Instagrams from Finland

1. Eating out at my parent's place in Finland.
2. Fresh grapefruit lemonade is the best on a hot summer day! Especially from a nicely designed bottle.
3. I bought a new iPhone cover from Marimekko. I love the soft finish of the material.
4. Glittery nail polish.
5. Summer dress and ballerinas.
6. My mother always braids my hair when I visit my parent's. Today I added a twist to the otherwise adorable look with wearing a very Michael Jackson inspired suit jacket for some contrast.
7. Fra.
8. Mum made the best pie! Rubarb, strawberries and vanilla cream. Mmmm.
9. It started raining at Laura's Birthday picnic in the Koff park, so we gathered under a big tree for some cosyness.

1. Iina and Pauli very happy in their new apartment. It looked like an amazing ad from HAY or MUUTO. We ate a delicious salad with halloumi and strawberries and had a blast.
2. The countryside was so pretty on a 20 km biking trip we did.
3. The shipyard of Helsinki.
4. Boat race afterparty.
5. Afterwork with Pyre in Helsinki.
6. It was so great to read a book in the sun and enjoy sea life. Finland is so incredibly pretty at summer time.
7. At our house there is always music.
8. If you see a Porsche parked outside a restaurant with the text "C'est la vie" you kind of have to instagram it, right?
9. Martina.

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