The vintage wedding that we never attended

Stefanias Facebook-picture that I have borrowed.

Many months ago Stefania and Rami announced their engagement and the conversations about their wedding started. At some point we got to know that the wedding would be in the lovely Cuneo in Italy and with a vintage theme.

I have since then been walking around second hand shops and googled "1940 style".

Fra and I got our outfits ready, with hats and lace gloves and the whole package.

Maria, Roberto, Pasquale, Martin, Jerry, Fra and I took a flight last Friday. The others had only hand luggage but we checked in our bags (because Fra had a big one to transfer things from Italy to Sweden I also checked in my trolley so that we would be more comfortable).

Our flight was late.

So we arrived to Copenhagen late and missed our connection flight.

We had to stand in a queue for ages to get cleared out what to do. "It is better if you leave your luggage at the airport" they said. We went to a hotel SAS had booked for us. Queued again a long time until a woman tells us that the hotel is fully booked and there is no place for us.

Next hotel.

To sleep at 02:00. Wake up at 06:00. Airport. Flight. Landing in Italy. In the same underwear as yesterday and with no make up.

No bags.

The others go to the airport toilets to change and fresh up, they rent a car and drives to the wedding. We keep our fingers cross that they will make it in time.

Fra and I queue at the lost & found.

Our bags are in Copenhagen, they say.

So- I am in Milan, wearing dirty clothes, without make-up or any kind of clothes or other belonging: only my wallet and phone in my hand. 

Fra's mother picks us up, we go to their place and eat fastly something, as we haven't even eaten breakfast. We go by car to nearest shopping mall and start to look for anything to wear. We are exhausted and shopping does not seem to be fun. At some point we just look at each other. It is 16:00. The wedding has started. If we would find clothes at that second, really fastly shower and jump into the car, we would arrive at the wedding maybe for the cake. Or a bit later.

We decide that there is no point to make it. We are simply too tired to spend 5 hours in the car to be at a wedding for maybe 2. And we hadn't even found clothes yet.

Back home, into bed and we fell asleep at that second.

So incredibly sad.

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