Sushi. Snow. Royal Family.

Last weekend Fra's parents were here visiting. They had some new great experiences as to walk on the frozen sea (and to even see the frozen sea for the first time), to see a female priest and to meet in person Victoria and Daniel- the Crown Princess of Sweden. Victoria and Daniel lives in the park next to us and they often say hello to people around the park while they are jogging around :)

It was very cold so we stopped in many places for a warm cup of tea. Obviously we had to eat Swedish meatballs as well :)

We also took the ferry (as Stockholm is build on 16 islands there are besides subways, trams and buses also ferrys as public transportation) in the inner bay, in waters willed with ice floe.

I got lovely earrings from Fra's mother- hearts with roses- very girly :)

And now, the week has been running so fast, with a lot of work, gym, coffee moments and some drink meetings. Sushi. More sushi. 2 new necklaces from Ruche came also in the mail. Snow. More snow. Some sun. And the craziest luminaire shop ever.

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